SUMMER 2022


"...and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus..."
Hebrews 12:1-2


Each summer, The Navigators® Collegiate Ministries provide multiple intensive summer growth initiatives called Summer Training Programs (STPs) in different regions of the country. Students live, work, have fun, and learn with other college students for the summer.


​Each student works a full time job and participates in Bible studies, evangelistic outreaches, discipleship groups, ministry training, fellowship, and other activities during the week. These opportunities for fellowship, mentoring, guided experiences, and time in the Word create an ideal environment for students to grow in their relationship with Christ as well as develop ministry skills and leadership qualities. Summer Training Programs are operated and overseen by experienced full-time Navigator Staff.



Summer Training Programs with The Navigators® are designed to help you focus on learning to live out God's call to love your neighbor both in the workplace and in the community you live in.


Join 100+ students and collegiate Navigators staff from the Central Plains and Mid America regions for a great summer! The Navigators® Summer Training Programs are proven to be "greenhouses" for spiritual and relational growth. At STP, we will dig deeply into the mysteries of who God is, who God says we are, how we can relate well with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, how we can serve others, God’s heart for the lost and His heart for all nations. Students will engage in the community relationally, by going to a local church weekly, and professionally, by working a full-time job for the summer. We will trust God to teach and develop us all as we learn to better love, and authentically share our faith, in the work world.


Our goal is developing and equipping participants to be life-long laborers for Jesus Christ. Laborers who seek to respond to God's call to love others deeply and point them towards Jesus, using the gifts He has given them no matter what community or life circumstances they may find themselves in. Our hope is that students will return back to their campuses and workplaces pursuing to know Christ deeper and make Him known in the very places they live.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider STP
1. Growth

Learn how to meet with Jesus through His Word and grow through: Bible studies, evangelistic outreaches, discipleship groups, ministry training, fellowship, and other activities designed to challenge and encourage students in all areas of their faith.  


2. Community

Imagine spending a whole summer with 100+ other college students who want to grow in their relationships with God. You'll live, work, and have fun together all summer long and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.


3. Experience

Students work full-time jobs over the summer making a real paycheck. Not only do students gain very unique job experiences, but they also gain invaluable relational skills. Working alongside people different from you, asking good questions, and sparking meaningful conversations are skills that are necessary to succeed in any workplace and STP offers the opportunity to grow in all three!


4. Fun

Between large group functions and your days off, you will have a blast! You won't believe not only how much you're learning and growing, but how much fun you're having at the same time.

5. Good Use of Your Summer

A two-month window of time dedicated to time with the Lord, rest, and relationships with like-minded people may never happen again after you graduate. Take advantage of this opportunity while you can.

JAX 2019-74.jpg
Jimmy, Waldorf

"So the overall goal of JAX is to grow individually in our faith walk, our walk with Jesus, and then to share  that with the whole world starting right here in Jacksonville."

JAX 2019-76.jpg
Kaitland, MWSU

"Working full-time is really hard, but people have definitely noticed there’s something different about us as we’re working. So it’s been really encouraging just seeing that God is really working through us as we’re just like chopping veggies and doing our job."

JAX 2019-70.jpg
Nathan, Northwest

"I really really think the community is really important. I’ve never been as encouraged as much as I’ve had at JAX – just everybody is looking to build each other up."

JAX 2019-78.jpg
Sarah, KU

"Sharing on the beach here has made me more bold in my faith. I’m not as afraid to talk about it and say hey this is what Jesus has done for me, and this is what he can do for you. All it takes is a little faith."


Check out what former students learned and experienced at JAX STP!

Unbound STP 2021

Check out what students from Unbound STP in Branson, MO have to share about their Summer Training experience in 2021!



May 27 - July 24, 2022


University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Florida

Theme Verses

Hebrews 12:1-2

Cost & Fundraising

Every student is encouraged to raise funds to pay for the cost of the program. The cost is $2,800. Take a look at the Finances page for more information on what Fundraising might look like.

About the Program

"Intense & Rewarding" are words often used to describe a Summer Training Program experience. Students will be stretched as they work a full-time or part-time job in Jacksonville, while engaging with their team of 4 to 5 other college students. Each Team Member will meet weekly with their Team Leader in one-on-one discipleship, spend time every week preparing for Bible Study, as well as be trained in evangelism, and actually go out to share their faith on the beach. Each week a different speaker will present on a relevant topic to your spiritual development as you grow deeper in your relationship with the Lord. For a more detailed look at a typical week at JAX STP, check out the Schedule page.


Every Team Member will work a full-time job (40 hours a week) and every Team Leader will work a part-time job (20 hours a week). This gives every student the chance to work alongside others, share the Gospel in the workplace, and apply what they are learning during the program. To see a list of employers our students have partnered with in the past, go to the Jobs page or the Internships page.


See the FAQ page for answers you might be searching for or you can send an email to jaxstp@navigators.org


There is a page just for you! Answers to your questions can be found on the parents page. There will also be a Parent's Weekend during the program where your family can come visit your student.


If you apply before JAN 1st, your application fee will only be $25. Any application received after will have a $50 fee.


The information below will continue to be updated as details are established for the upcoming summer, check back soon!