Program Cost

The program costs $2,800. This covers room, board, all meals except for Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch) activities, unparalleled training in Christ-likeness, evangelism and Bible study materials, housing, and a weekly food stipend, along administrative expenses, weekly group bonding activities, and meeting space rental fees. This amount also covers a 13% admin fee given to the Navigators for money processing, Insurance, tax deductible receipting and more. 


You will be able to raise support through the financial gifts of family, friends, and local churches. Nearly everyone who does this receives the full amount. Because JAX STP is like a mission trip and Bible training school wrapped into one summer experience, those who give financially consider it an opportunity to invest in your spiritual heritage. Fundraising training is provided upon acceptance into JAX STP.


This summer you have the opportunity to raise financial support from your family, friends and home church to pay for your Training Program fee. After applying to the program and being accepted, each student will receive a "Welcome Packet" which includes the information needed to raise support for the summer. We will provide you with sample letters, donor cards, and everything necessary to help you raise support. We view support-raising as an opportunity to ask family and friends to join with us in advancing God's kingdom. You are not required to raise support to attend the program and can choose to pay the tuition though we don't recommend it. Having a team of financial supporters also nets you a team of prayer partners who are committed to bringing you before God on a regular basis. Plus, if your tuition is paid for by financial partners you can take home whatever money you receive on your paychecks.  Through the Navigators you are allowed to raise your program fee, housing and also additional money that can be paid to you as an honorarium.

There is nothing to be ashamed of as you engage in this biblical principle of inviting others to contribute to your summer’s training and ministry. You may not have another opportunity to spend eight weeks in a spiritual growth setting like this again in your life. Many people will be delighted to support you! And even if they can’t financially, they won’t be offended that you asked! The apostle Paul often asked people for contributions of different types, including assistance to send him on his way for ministry and service.

There is an option to pay the program cost outright instead of fundraising for it. Please email the director if you want to explore this or have any other finance related questions at