Team Members will work full time, 40 hours a week, working 9-5 jobs Monday through Friday.  Team Leaders will work part time, 20 hours a week, Monday through Friday. The students are in charge of finding their own employment but they will be aided by Navigator staff job coordinators.

All students attending the Program are encouraged to actively seek out potential employers in the Jacksonville area. The Program Job Coordinator is available to assist in this process and will verify that all jobs fall within the Program parameters.


Program parameters include having a reasonable commute, working Monday through Friday, off by 5 pm, and also communicating to the employer your start and end dates in Jacksonville.


In preparation for finding a job for JAX STP, search for jobs using Google Maps by typing in Jacksonville, FL. After the map takes you there type in University of North Florida. Google will search within the city and take you to the location. Using the “Get Directions” option, type in a keyword for the type of job you are looking for. For example, you might type in “golf” if you would like to apply to work at golf courses. Google will highlight every golf related location in the city. As well you will be able to gauge how far a drive it is from the campus to work. Start making phone calls. Find out who is hiring, visit websites and fill out online applications. Locating a job in this way will be a great investment of your time and will ensure we are able to provide the best JAX experience for you and future attendees. All jobs should be approved by the job coordinator prior to accepting the position.


In addition to searching out new jobs, some students will also be connected with employers who have hired our students in previous summers. The JAX STP job coordinator will oversee assigning these positions to students already accepted into the program usually beginning mid-to-late in the spring semester. This typically provides jobs for half or more of our Program attendees before they ever set foot in Jacksonville! The hard work of students from previous summers has paved the way for these jobs and it is a testimony to them and God that summer after summer many employers have us back. Because we cannot guarantee the type or number of these positions year after year, students are strongly encouraged to continue seeking employment until they have a job and start date confirmed either by an employer or the job coordinator.

Frequent employers include: Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, CoachUniversity of North Florida Housing & Maintenance, Suddath Moving, Conser Moving, Nocatee, some local golf courses, and many fast food franchises just to name a few.

Below is a video that should give you a good picture of what it could look like to have a job or an internship in Jacksonville, Florida this summer!